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The OFFICIAL Prestatyn Polo Shirt LHB 2018


The official 2018 T Shirt

*** Official Prestatyn Soul Weekender Polo-Shirt - 2018 - Now on sale Online ***

Music apparel is probably the only type of garment that you can wear 20 years out of date, and still with a great sense of pride. Official Prestatyn Soul Weekender 2018 t-shirts are not just an item of clothing, they represent memories, moments and epic performances from the Soul DJ's and acts from around the world, that have filled us with excitement, nostalgia and pride when we are reminded of them.

Black/White large front Chest Image or Front LHB Chest image are available for you to purchase online or at our Pop-up Merchandise Stall over the weekend at Prestatyn.

Please note: Other colours are available on request.
Front LHB Chest image
prestatyn soul weekender 2018 official merchandise